The Faye Garden: Decorations Pack Installation Guide (Mobile & PC)

 This installation guide will take you through the three easy steps to use the Faye Garden Decorations pack in your Minecraft world! Follow along and apply the instructions using your mobile device or computer.  DOWNLOADING THE PACK The link labeled  'download + support ' will lead you to an ad site. Follow the instructions to reach the Mediafire download page.   (this link helps to support the project with funding for future creations--by choosing this link you are helping the project grow without spending a penny!) INSTALLING THE PACK Once you've uploaded the pack to Minecraft, you can locate it in your global resources. To apply the pack in your world, simply scroll to resource packs and activate the pack. Then, go to behavior packs and do the same. You must have both files activated to use this pack.  Another important step is to enable experimental options in your world. Without them enabled, your add-on will not function in-game. Cheats must also be activated. ACCESS

Introducing The FAYE Project!

WELCOME TO THE FAYE PROJECT! The Faye Project is a creatively constructed add-on series for Minecraft players. Filled with enchantment, whimsy, and fantasy—our projects aim to bring life to your gameplay experience!  MEET THE PROJECT TEAM! Multiple talented creators within the Minecraft community have carefully designed and created the incoming projects! With the help of each artist on the team, we have been able to produce a large body of work to share with you all. To learn more about our production team, head to the  studio website .   WHAT'S IN STORE FOR THE PROJECT? As each project package unfolds throughout the year, you can expect to see a preview of all the exciting add-ons that come with it. We've got a bunch of updates lined up for each project, so you'll be able to enjoy an even better experience with every  pack rele ase. Stay tuned!  WHAT COMES NEXT? You can visit our YouTube channel and turn on all notifications to stay notified of any updates. Additionally,